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Smart Desktop Calendar
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So easy to never forget again
With Smart Desktop Calendar, you can easily add birthdays, anniversaries, recurring, special and miscellaneous events and schedule meetings to quickly access your schedules daily, or in advance.

Today's Occasion Reminders
Just to make sure you remember, you'll get a dialog display occasion reminder with a play-tone on the big day!

Advance Reminders
Smart Desktop Calendar can notify you of upcoming events months, days, hours or minutes ahead of time, so you can prepare for the big day well in advance.

Many personalization options
You can personalize your calendar to suit your own preferences and needs by:
-Choosing the daily calendar display time
-Selecting any image - jpg, gif, or bmp - for your background
-Changing occasion colors
-Outlining or highlighting the current day
-Selecting the day to start your week
-Shading week-ends
-Choose to display months and days in English, Dutch, French or Spanish
-Create multiple calendars
-Suspend features

Rolling month display
You can easily check your schedules in any month by simply flipping or rolling to any month you want to. So you can plan ahead, and never get into clashing appointments. Or you can look up any occasion or event in prior months - just as you please

Export occasions to text
Like to send an e-mail on an occasion? Simply export your occasion to text and shoot off a mail. Easy as that.

If you'd like a print of your calendar, you can easily get one exactly as you see it.

Back-up and restore it at any time you want - so your information is always safe.

Online Help
Smart Desktop Calendar is very easy to use. But you can always use our online help or contact us at our support centre if you need to. We will quickly sort your problems.

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